Vacation Start/Stop

If you would like to put a temporary stop on your newspaper subscription please complete the form below.

Important Note: Please place vacation stop requests at least three days before the stop date.

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Subscription credit will no longer be available during vacation periods. Subscribers going on vacation who want to stop delivery of the print copy of the newspaper should call Customer Service at 1-800-530-6310 to request a vacation stop with delivery resuming upon the date the subscriber selects for a return of service. Subscribers can continue to enjoy the stopped copies of their newspaper (up to 2 weeks) upon return of service if a vacation pack is requested. Subscribers can also continue to donate their subscription value to our Newspaper in Education (NIE) program. Subscribers may cancel at any time by calling Customer Service. When a subscription is cancelled, a subscriber cancels only future charges associated with the subscription. Such cancellation becomes effective at the end of the current billing period. Subscribers will not receive a refund for the current billing cycle. However, subscribers will continue to have the same access and benefits of the newspaper for the remainder of the current billing period. We reserve the right to issue refunds or credits at our sole discretion. If we issue a refund or credit, we are under no obligation to issue the same or similar refund in the future. The Publisher reserves the right to change subscription rates during the term of any subscription. Rate changes may be implemented by shortening the duration of the subscription term. Other restrictions may apply. See page 2 or visit us online at for additional details.