Retail Display Advertising

Pocono Record retail advertising brings your business visibility along with the credibility that only a respected, award-winning daily newspaper delivers.  Seven-day publication provides options to reach your potential customers how and when you want to reach them.

Pocono Record Retail Rates and Information

Contract Advertising
Studies show that frequency is a key factor in effective delivery of your advertising message to your business prospects.   A potential consumer is more likely to remember and act on your business’ call to action when exposed to your message/brand multiple times.   Your Pocono Mountains Media Group representative is uniquely qualified to help you construct a custom advertising plan that fits your budget and delivers advertising for maximum impact.

Audience Targeting
Audience segmentation by premium position or section request can enhance your ability to target your advertising message and capture the attention of readers based on their content interests.

Targeting Opportunities:

  • Front Page Advertising
  • Front Page Sticky Note Advertising
  • Regular in-paper sections: Sports, Lifestyles, Food, Advice, Op-Ed, Weather Page, etc.
  • Comic Spadea
  • Classifieds Spadea
  • Sunday Wrapper

Your Pocono Mountains Media Group marketing consultant can provide additional details.  To learn more, visit getting started.